OnePlus does an “oopsie” and promotes Samsung’s S-Pen on Twitter

OnePlus does an “oopsie” and promotes Samsung’s S-Pen on Twitter
Now and then, we get to have a bit of a laugh thanks to the occasional marketing hiccups tech companies have. Usually, it is something small like the infamous “via Twitter for iPhone” to which many brands and celebrities promoting those brands have fallen victim.

This time, the spotlight was on the Twitter account for OnePlus India, and it raised the bar for all promotion mishaps. It tweeted about the S-Pen that comes with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The tweet was quite enthusiastic, claiming that the S-Pen is the “weapon of choice” in the smartphone world.

OnePlus’ reaction was quick, and the tweet was removed in a matter of minutes, but not before Twitter’s piranhas managed to get a hold of it. Soon after, the tweet and the poll it was shared with, were reposted.

The tweet was probably accidentally posted by the marketing agency hired for OnePlus India’s social media accounts. That agency was likely also involved in the promotion of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and had some leftover material that got mixed up with their post schedule.

Another of OnePlus’ most memorable mess-ups was a little after the OnePlus 9’s launch event. The company was using some strong, even aggressive marketing, implying that their device is a much better flagship than the iPhone. However, after the launch, the Chinese manufacturer was caught posting tweets via “Twitter for iPhone”. Who would have thought that those three words would cause so many embarrassing moments for other brands?

On a slightly different note, OnePlus recently shared an official statement, publicly addressing the throttling issue with the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. The explanation for OxygenOS throttling the processor in popular apps amounts to battery and heat management, both of which were issues reported by many users.

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