OnePlus giving away NFTs to celebrate its eighth anniversary

OnePlus giving away NFTs to celebrate its eighth anniversary
NFTs are the latest blockchain craze and some of them are selling for millions. If both of those terms are alien to you but you still want in on them, OnePlus is giving away 5,000 NFTs to commemorate its eighth anniversary. 

First, a super short primer:  An NFT, short for non-fungible token, is a collectible verified using blockchain technology. The blockchain processes and maintains a database of transactions in chronological order in an unbroken chain.

What makes an NFT special as opposed to, for instance, downloading an image for free, is that the buyer has proof of authenticity and ownership. Most NFTs are on cryptocurrency-compatible blockchains, which often means you have to pay in a digital currency. And to store your crypto, you need a crypto wallet.

When an NFT is minted, a file is converted into a token with a record of ownership and put on the blockchain. Since conducting transactions require energy, a "gas fee" or payment is needed.

And now, back to the OnePlus NFT giveaway

The best part of the giveaway is that OnePlus has teamed up with the NFT platform Sweet to make it easy for you to participate and you don't have to worry about having a crypto wallet or crypto knowledge for that matter.

The NFTs will be based on 15 OnePlus phones, beginning from the OnePlus 1, with special attention on the OG device, and recent popular phones like the OnePlus 8 Pro and the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren. 

There are 15 common, rare, ultimate rare, and secret rare NFTs, minted in quantities of 300, and 15 special gold-edition NFTs that will be awarded manually to fans.

Here is the drill to participate: Make sure you are following OnePlus on Instagram (@oneplus_USA). Beginning today, you will be able to click a redemption link every 12 hours for a chance to win an NFT. Yes, it's as simple as that!

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