OnePlus 10 Pro receives 5G certification from Verizon

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OnePlus 10 Pro receives 5G certification from Verizon
On Thursday, we told you that the OnePlus 10 Pro had been released in the U.S. and as expected, the device is available through T-Mobile. But according to The Verge, the handset received certification allowing it to be used on Verizon's 5G network including its C-band Ultra Wideband service. This is a mid-band signal that might not deliver 5G download data speeds in the 1Gbps range, but it is more accessible than the carrier's mmWave network.

Verizon's C-band download speeds peak at approximately 700Mbps in New York City with median speeds of 500Mbps-100Mbps depending on the area. As for AT&T, the OnePlus 10 Pro is not expected to receive certification to run on that carrier's 5G network. The good news for Verizon customers is that they can now purchase the OnePlus 10 Pro and not have to wonder whether the device will work on its sub-6GHz 5G network.

We need to point out that none of the U.S. OnePlus 10 Pro models will work with mmWave signals. That is really no loss since these high-band signals only travel small distances and are easily blocked by structures. The odds of finding a mmWave signal may not be as prohibitive as winning the lottery, but you won't miss not having it on the OnePlus 10 Pro at this time. And since the C-band is sub-6GHz, the new OnePlus model can still connect to some fast 5G signals that you'll be able to distinguish from 4G LTE.

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