Nokia 9 PureView launch event will be live-streamed, here's where to watch and when

The first truly high-end Nokia phone in five years is almost certainly right around the corner, possibly aiming to hit the US market in addition to select European and Asian regions after finally going official at MWC 2019. Even though the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry is technically scheduled to start on Monday, February 25, a number of companies will jump the gun on Sunday with exciting product launch events.

To get us even more excited about the Nokia 9 PureView announcement, exclusive brand licensee HMD Global just unveiled the event's start time, also confirming the whole world will be able to follow the action from Barcelona online. You can now bookmark these live-streaming links from YouTube and Facebook or set a reminder for 4 PM (local time) this Sunday. That's 10 AM on the US East Coast and 7 AM in California, which might mean something... or nothing at all in terms of the handset's US availability.

Nokia is definitely not being subtle about the fact several devices are coming to this year's Mobile World Congress, but unfortunately, the #GetSmart tagline and 8-second teaser video posted on Twitter today are as cryptic as they could be. 

Apart from the oft-leaked Nokia 9 PureView with that insane five-camera setup on its back, we're also expecting a lower-end 8.1 Plus and/or Nokia 6.2 to see daylight soon. If history is any indication, we may be in for another revival of an iconic feature phone too, although that's just an educated guess right now. 

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9 PureView
  • Display 6.0" 1440 x 2880 pixels
  • Camera 12 MP / 20 MP front
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, Octa-core, 2800 MHz
  • Storage 128 GB
  • Battery 3320 mAh



1. surethom

Posts: 1722; Member since: Mar 04, 2009

I'm glad a few are having their event on Sunday more online viewers like me to watch. Samsung this Wednesday then Huawei & Nokia on Sunday. A very good tech week

8. Venom

Posts: 3752; Member since: Dec 14, 2017

I want to see what Sony has in store. Definitely want to see what Nokia has in store and hopefully something to justify that hideous backside. I don't care too much about Xiamoi.

10. meanestgenius

Posts: 22330; Member since: May 28, 2014

Nokia and Xiaomi will steal the show at MWC, IMO. The 5 camera setup looks awesome, and Xiaomi makes even better bang for your buck smartphones than OnePlus, IMO.

2. rsiders

Posts: 1982; Member since: Nov 17, 2011

I'll be tuned in. So excited about this phone.

3. Nimbus

Posts: 442; Member since: Apr 02, 2018

I be keeping my eyes on Samsung,Nokia,Sony.

4. meanestgenius

Posts: 22330; Member since: May 28, 2014

I'm here for it! Absolutely looking forward to seeing this launch event on Sunday, and I'm as excited about the Nokia 6.2 as I am the Nokia 9. Xiaomi has been my interest for Monday at MWC.

5. Venom

Posts: 3752; Member since: Dec 14, 2017

I'll be watching on my 55" webOS LG TV. Let's see if Nokia can step up and release a compelling flagship phone and hopefully justify that ludicrous setup in the back.

6. meanestgenius

Posts: 22330; Member since: May 28, 2014

I'll definitely be tuning in this Sunday to see what HMD has in store for us, what is sure to be a more than compelling flagship smartphone with an innovative five camera setup on the back.

7. meanestgenius

Posts: 22330; Member since: May 28, 2014

Looking forward to Xiaomi as well on Monday. HMD and Xiaomi are sure to steal the show, IMO.

9. Venom

Posts: 3752; Member since: Dec 14, 2017

Here's hoping for a good presentation from Nokia. They really have to sell that penta camera setup and hopefully give us a reason to want the Pureview. I don't really anticipate anything for the US, as usual, but hopefully they will start releasing more of their better smartphones over. Luckily I don't have to work the next day so I'll have beer and popcorn on hand.

11. meanestgenius

Posts: 22330; Member since: May 28, 2014

From the looks of it, HMD will have a great presentation with the Nokia 9. The 5 camera setup will sell itself if it has flagship worthy imagery prowess, and recent evidence alludes to the Nokia 9 being available here in the states, despite what some may say. I'm off on weekends, so I'll be sure catch this presentation over breakfast.

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