Sleep like a baby and save with these noise-masking Soundcore Anker earbuds

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Sleep like a baby with these noise-blocking Soundcore Anker earbuds
Don’t you hate it when the neighbor’s dog starts barking each when you’re trying to relax? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could mask all unwanted noises and enjoy your rest? Well, achieving it isn’t all that hard. Neither is it expensive, so long as you take advantage of Amazon’s deal on the amazing Soundcore Anker Sleep A10. These are 23% cheaper, landing them at their best price.

Granted, this isn’t the first time we see these noise-blocking earbuds at their best price. That being said, Amazon advertises the deal as available for a limited time only. That’s why we believe now might be the perfect opportunity to get those and enjoy the creative way to get a good night’s rest.

The Soundcore Anker Sleep A10 can be yours for 23% less at Amazon

The Soundcore Anker Sleep A10 are now 23% cheaper on Amazon. These noise-masking earbuds are ideal for people who want interrupted rest throughout the night. They can also be paired with your device via Bluetooth for unlimited music content. Get them now and save 23%.

We’ve already established that the Sleep A10 are an incredible choice for those who can’t ignore unwanted noise when resting. Soundcore equipped them with four ear tip sizes and two wing sizes to ensure pretty much anyone finds these comfortable to wear. They’re also very lightweight and small, which should add to their comfort. So, these should feel very comfortable in your ears, causing little to no ear fatigue even when you wear them for hours.

These earbuds work with a four-point masking system. Unlike ANC, which cancels unwanted noises, the noise masking system relies on sleep sounds to cover different disruptive noises. There’s also Smart Volume Control on deck that can be turned off or on. It automatically adjusts the volume depending on how loud it is around you.

Not only do these earbuds mask random noises while you rest, but they also monitor your sleep quality. That’s right: they can keep track of your sleep status and give you an insight into the quality and duration of your sleep. There’s even an option to set a personal alarm so that you can wake up without disturbing your partner.

Believe it or not, these earbuds aren’t designed exclusively for when you rest. You can connect them with your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth and listen to your favorite jams undisturbed. As for battery life, these last about six hours in Music mode and about 10 hours in Sleep mode. They come with a charging case that can recharge them up to seven times.

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