No, you can’t VPN your way into Threads if you are from the EU. Because Meta says so.

No, you can’t VPN your way into Threads if you are from the EU. Because Meta says so.
Some of the best phones on the market come with all sorts of quirks. Did you know that Google provides its phones like the Pixel 7 Pro with a free VPN service in some regions? And it’s such a good thing that it does, because curiosity has led all of us to questionable destinations at a point.

But one of the cooler things about VPNs, beyond the extra layer of security and anonymity, is that you can also use it to get access to things that others don’t want you to see. Like region-exclusive Netflix shows or entirely new apps and games.

Such as the recently launched Twitter Threads, which has been blowing up in the last week or so. Well, outside of the EU at least, because these “law” things aren't letting Europeans hop on the latest theands (no I’m not sorry for that one). Yes, even with a VPN on: it won't work. 

Because, of course, a lot of online users already tried a VPN service to get over the barrier. Why would they do that? Well, simple really, it is because:

  • The platform is still fresh, so getting tons of new followers is very, very easy. And that is important, because those carry over to Instagram too, which ultimately means that you may get quick access to a boost in popularity.
  • Threads is doing something genius with its marketing: upon signing up to the platform, you get assigned a sequential number. And with this being an internet and all, people turned "having a cool number" it into a fashion statement.

And if that last statement doesn’t send dystopian chills down your spine, I don’t know what will.

Meta, however, is “dedicated to following EU regulations”. The app is smart enough to check more than your signal’s geolocation, so it can prevent you from logging in and taking part in the fun. Some users have managed to log in, but they were not allowed to do anything, so let’s hope that at least they got a cool number assigned for all of their troubles.

The situation really isn’t that complicated: your Meta account connects your Threads account with your Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you’ve had previous activity on there, Meta is probably aware of your estimated (or precise) location.

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In other words, you suddenly popping up in LA after spending years in Italy probably isn’t legit.

Even if Meta says it’s dedicated to the idea of bringing Threads over to the EU, let's not forget that the goal is to harvest more of that tasty user data. But as long as the EU keeps penalizing such nefarious plots through hefty fines, you might be wiser to not hold your breath for Threads. 

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