New AirPods Pro beta feature lets you fine-tune noise cancellation

New AirPods Pro beta feature lets you fine-tune noise cancellation
During its latest WWDC event, the Cupertino tech giant unveiled upcoming software features for its current AirPods Pro lineup, including innovative new gesture controls for AirPods Pro 2 to interact with Siri. However, the company has kept one surprise under wraps.

New AirPods Pro beta feature lets users customize noise cancellation

In the newest AirPods beta firmware, Apple is tweaking controls to make it simpler for users to customize the noise cancellation feature.

Right now, AirPods Pro users can toggle noise canceling on or off and use adaptive audio. The latter automatically tweaks Transparency mode and Active Noise Cancellation based on what is happening around you. It is like having a smart audio assistant that knows when to let in outside sounds and when to keep them out.

So, AirPods Pro already tweaks noise canceling based on how quiet or loud your surroundings are. But since this happens automatically, it doesn’t always nail what you want. That is exactly what the new firmware is aiming to fix.

This upgrade puts users in the driver's seat, so to speak. Customizable Adaptive Audio lets you fine-tune the cancellation levels to your liking. The beta version shows you will be able to switch between default, less noise, or more noise.

We don’t have a clear date for when this firmware update will roll out. But it is the same update that adds cool new features like shaking or nodding your head to reject or accept calls, plus the new Siri interactions mentioned earlier. Apple hyped this update big time during the WWDC keynote, so it is a safe bet that it will arrive with iOS 18 in the fall.

Being able to adjust the noise cancellation on the AirPods Pro is a welcomed improvement, offering you greater control over your entire audio experience.

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