Moto RAZR (2019) or Galaxy Bloom, which one would you get?

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Well, well, well, it turns out that most rumors concerning the Galaxy Fold 2 have been referencing the Galaxy Bloom that Samsung is expected to release later this month, together with the Galaxy S20 trio.

When Samsung issued the video above, depicting more ways to skin a bendy phone cat than the OG Galaxy Fold. we should have seen the February 11 Unpacked event coming. After all, San Francisco is splashed right there in the clamshell foldable design concept's weather widget, for DJ Koh's sake!

Codenamed Bloom since October, Samsung's direct Motorola RAZR (2019) competitor is meant to be the most affordable, gateway phone for the world of bendy handsets and form factors of the future, as in "blooming" market share. 

So, what can we expect from Samsung's foldable Bloom that is about to be announced together with the Galaxy S20 trio on February 11? A great value-for-money ratio, that's what, at least as far as bendy handsets have gone for so far.

It's rumored to land for almost half the price of the $1500 Razr, at the equivalent of $845, at least when it is released in Korea for a million won, as local publications claim. It will eventually have a better chipset than the Razr - Snapdragon 855 - and sport an ultrathin glass for display cover instead of Moto's double PI film. 

These two may end up being released at about the same time, though, and both won't have 5G connectivity, just the good ol' 4G LTE, so which one would you get?

Moto RAZR (2019) or Galaxy Z Flip, which one would you get?

Motorola RAZR (2019)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

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