Cult-favorite Surface Duo back down to lowest-ever price in Black Friday sale

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Cult favorite Surface Duo back down to lowest-ever price Black Friday in deal
Microsoft's Surface Duo may not have been a commercial success, but it's a well-regarded device nonetheless and is a gem for tech collectors. Its price has been slashed by a whopping 55 percent in honor of Black Friday

There is a certain novelty in owning an ambitious first-gen device from a company that looks close to cracking the code on the perfect smartphone. That might sound like wishful thinking, but Microsoft thinks out of the box and Lumia and Duo are both quite impressive, even if they haven't been hugely popular.

The Surface Duo is in a class of its own - it features two 5.6 inches screens instead of one big foldable screen, so you won't have to worry about coddling the device. And it's not just about durability, as the dual-screen design is actually practical, and the device has been designed this way in part to help you get more things done simultaneously - isn't that the whole point of foldable phones?

Microsoft Surface Duo

8.1 inches screen | Snapdragon 855 chip | 11MP camera | 3,577mAh battery | 360° hinge | Stylus support

Since this phone came out in 2020, its specs might sound underwhelming, but that doesn't mean it provides a clunky user experience. For instance, even though its Snapdragon 855 chip has nothing on today's flagship chips, it performs just fine. Similarly, even though the phone has a lone 11MP camera, the sensor is quite competent and takes decent images when lighting conditions are right.

The Surface Duo is outrageously thin for a dual-screen device but that means it didn't have enough space for wireless charging and NFC components.

Where it really shines is its ability to do things that even top 2022 slab phones can't accomplish, such as running apps side by side and supporting touchscreen controls for certain games. Its 360° hinge allows it to be positioned in different orientations and you can even fold it out to use it as a conventional phone.

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The phone has a 3,577mAh battery and will last the whole day with moderate usage. The Surface Pen stylus is also supported.

Basically, if you are looking for a device that fills the roles of both a phone and a tablet, and ground-breaking design, the Surface Duo is worth a look. When it was released, it carried a price tag of $1,400 but after two price cuts, it dropped to $699, and right now Amazon is selling it for only $318. That's a very reasonable price for a technological marvel like this.

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