Metro by T-Mobile goes after 'Big Cable's' BS again with new 'Nada Yada Yada' deals and gifts

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Metro by T-Mobile goes after 'Big Cable's' BS again with new 'Nada Yada Yada' deals and gifts
Were you disappointed to see T-Mobile unveil an even costlier new (postpaid) plan yesterday rather than a cheaper option more in line with the "Un-carrier" legacy? Luckily, that's where Metro by T-Mobile comes in, staying true to its long-held "Nada Yada Yada" belief while pulling out all the stops to make disgruntled Spectrum, Xfinity, Verizon, and AT&T customers happy again with their wireless and home internet service.

If you're not familiar with the "Nada Yada Yada" pledge, that's probably because this is the motto of a newly launched advertising campaign designed to highlight the simplicity and affordability of the T-Mobile-owned prepaid operator's plans and offers.

How low can you go?

If you're looking to jump ship from your current carrier (T-Mobile notwithstanding) to Metro, the answer to that question is really, really, really, really low, and yes, we're talking about the monthly cost of unlimited wireless service (5G data included), which stands at a measly $25 and up.

That's for a single-line account, mind you, with (almost) no taxes and fees (as the promo's conditions stipulate that a "connection charge of up to $25/line may apply"), and it obviously requires bringing your own phone and number to Metro by T-Mobile from a different operator (be it of the postpaid or prepaid variation).

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Before getting a bill of just $25 for your unlimited smartphone 5G data, you will need to cough up $30 for your first month of service and activate AutoPay for subsequent payments. All the other details and fine print are essentially covered in mystery, as the deal doesn't yet appear on Metro's official website, but that's the beauty of the Nada Yada Yada promise - at least in theory, there should be no fine print to study and no traditional carrier "BS" to be wary of.

The same (technically) goes for Metro's $20 5G Home Internet offer, which is said to be "free from Big Cable yada yada", costing $25 the first month and then dropping by 5 bucks with AutoPay and no other strings attached (allegedly). 

As far as we can tell, this is not an entirely new promotion and it does require a bit of jumping through (government) hoops, as you will have to apply for the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (and meet its eligibility conditions) to score a $30 monthly discount from Metro's regular $50 5G Home Internet charge.

But wait, there's more

More savings to be had, that is, and all you have to do is tell a convincing story of broadband woe. We're pretty sure most people have had some sort of a negative experience dealing with the likes of Spectrum or Xfinity at some point in their lives, and if you're willing to recollect and relive your "Big Cable" pain and sorrow, Metro by T-Mobile is ready to offer some "relief."

We're talking about a cool $1 million set aside for a special "Broadband BS Fund", and if you're quick, you can secure yourself a (small) chunk of that in the form of a $45 Visa eRewards card on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Your "yada" story only has to be 360 characters long, mind you, so you really don't have to make much of an effort to get your (additional) little gift from Metro. Now that's some smart and effective marketing, especially with the operator retaining the rights to use your stories in future ad campaigns, which you know will totally happen and totally crack us up.

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