Major Telegram update brings deleting messages by date, making group content private, and more

Major Telegram update brings deleting messages by date, making group content more private, and more
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As Telegram is getting more and more popular, it is also getting more and more feature-rich. Its newest update brings several quite convenient features to the instant messaging service, reports AndroidAuthority, features that WhatsApp may want to add as well.

Telegram update brings making group/channel content private and deleting messages by date or date range

Telegram has now announced in a blog post that it will bring some quite handy new features to its chat app this week.

First off, we have a Private Content option for groups and channels. This new feature will help creators protect the content they publish on Telegram. Group and Channel owners will be able to restrict the content to "members-only", such as forwarding will be restricted, screenshots won't be possible, and there will be limits to the ability to save media from such posts.

The second useful feature the new update will bring to Telegram users is the ability to delete messages by date or a specified date range. This way, you will be able to have more control over what you want to be present in the chat app. The feature allows you to delete any message from a conversation at any time. You can clear chat history from a specific day or date range, and this feature is available in any one-on-one chat.

The app will show you a calendar where you can pick the dates or date range you want to delete chat history. To access the calendar, when you install the latest version of Telegram, you need to tap the date bar that pops up as you scroll through the chat, and select which days to clear.
For now, this feature is not available for group chats.

The new Telegram update brings other helpful features as well

Telegram hasn't stopped there with this update, so there are more helpful features the new version is bringing to its users. One of these is the ability to easily manage your account's connected devices. There is a new "Devices" menu in the app which helps you see where your account is logged in, quickly link a desktop device, and even set up an automatic log-out for devices where you have been inactive for some time.

Another feature introduced with the new update is the possibility to post anonymously in public groups on Telegram. The public groups and channel comments are created so discussions on any topics can happen with a large community of users. Now, Telegram adds the ability to appear as a channel instead of with your personal account.

Other improvements the update is bringing include a new way to log in with a call. You will be able to type in several of the digits of the phone number that called you instead of typing in a code to log in. Additionally, when you request to join a group or channel and the admin responds with a message, you will be able to see from which group or channel they are from. This will help avoid confusion who and from which group or channel they are texting you.

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On Android, you can now use the 8 chat themes that were introduced with a previous update to the entire app. Before that, they were available only as chat themes. On the iOS front, for phones running iOS 13 and above, Text Recognition or Live Text is eanbled for photos in Telegram chats. This feature allows you to quickly select, copy, and search without touching your keyboard, and it is securely handled on-device.

The update also brings a slight redesign of contact info on iOS.

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