Grab a pair of LG TONE Free T90Q earbuds for less and connect to your old TV wirelessly without Bluetooth

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Grab a pair of LG TONE Free T90Q earbuds for less and connect to your old TV wirelessly without Blue
If you are on the hunt for a nice pair of unique and awesome-sounding earbuds, you should definitely continue reading ahead.

At the moment, Amazon has on sale the incredibly interesting LG TONE Free T90Q earbuds at a nice 26% discount. This means you will save $60 if you get a pair of LG TONE Free T90Q earbuds through this deal.

LG TONE Free T90Q: Save $60!

Grab a pair of LG TONE Free T90Q from Amazon and save $60 in the process. The earbuds have great sound, decent ANC and can even connect to analog devices.

The truth is that the LG TONE Free T90Q are different from other earbuds on the market. For instance, these bad boys can be plugged into an analog audio source via a 3.5mm to USB-C cable. Well, not directly. But their case can indeed be connected to another device, like an old phone without Bluetooth functionality, for example, and you will be able to listen to your favorite songs directly through your wireless earbuds. Neat, right?

Of course, being an audio product, the most important question is how the LG TONE Free T90Q sound. Right out of the box, these bad boys are extremely bass-heavy. So, if you live and die for hip-hop, then you will definitely love their default sound.

That said, don't hurry to write them off if you are not a fan of hip-hop. The earbuds have a companion app called LG Tone Free, which includes an EQ feature. This allows you to adjust the sound of your LG TONE Free T90Q as you like. Additionally, the LG TONE Free T90Q come with head tracking and Spatial Audio support, which delivers a surround sound experience.

Another nice thing about the LG TONE Free T90Q is that they also come with Active Noise Cancellation that, well, let's say it just works. It's not among the best on the market, but it still does a good job of isolating various noises.

As for the battery life, LG claims its TONE Free T90Q earbuds offer 9 hours of listening time on their own with ANC turned off. When you add the case, the play time goes up to 29 hours again with ANC disabled.

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We must warn you, though, that the LG TONE Free T90Q may be nice-sounding earbuds with decent ANC, but they are not great for phone calls. Your voice will sound muffled, which definitely is not amazing when you must talk at an important business meeting on Zoom.

So, if you are in the market for earbuds for phone calls, you should give these ones a pass. Otherwise, you should grab a pair of LG TONE Free T90Q at a discount while you can, since the earbuds are worth it — especially now that they are available for less on Amazon.

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