LG pulls the final plug on its phones: no more bootloader unlock program

LG pulls the final plug on its phones: no more bootloader unlock program
As many know by now, the year 2021 marked a monumental point in LG’s history—the end of the LG phone lineup. Well, actually, there is still one remnant of those days—the bootloader unlock program. Now, LG has announced it will be bringing an end to this last spark of its smartphone history. (via 9to5Google)

Android users have long enjoyed the freedom to tinker with their phones, and the developers, in particular, have managed to achieve some amazing feats when it comes to that. It wouldn’t be unusual for an Android phone to stay alive and continue to be used thanks to one of the many custom ROMs developers make.

What is a bootloader?

To put it in simple terms, the bootloader is what loads your Android phone’s system. Now, usually, a user has no access to said bootloader, as manufacturers lock it to prevent any unwanted results. Despite that, there is always a way to unlock them using various methods.

LG was a company that embraced creativity and innovation with its smartphones, which also extended to its users. Knowing that the tech giant offered an official set of bootloader tools through the bootloader unlock program. Owners of LG phones could request a key, which would then unlock the bootloader, allowing them to install custom ROMs and do all kinds of tinkering.

After December 31, 2021, however, users will no longer be able to request the official LG bootloader tools. Here’s what LG had to say on the matter:

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It is admittedly a bit sad to see the last spark of LG’s smartphone story die out, but the legacy and fan base it left will stay. Even with the bootloader unlock program gone, LG phone owners still have ways to keep their devices running for as long as the hardware lasts.

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