LG announces foldable display coating that is as hard as glass, reduces creasing

LG announces foldable display coating that is as hard as glass
LG Chem, which is South Korea's biggest chemical company, has announced a new type of folding display technology, which should improve foldable phones massively. 

Even though LG is out of the smartphone business it continues to develop for its customers. The company’s new folding technology can fold both inward and outward, making it very versatile. LG Chem says there is no plastic in this new type of display coating. This means current manufacturers will be able to straight away cover their foldable displays without the need for major redesigns.

LG Chem calls the coating “Rear Folding Window”. Like mentioned earlier, it will be suitable for both inward and outward folding phones. The company is also looking into bringing the new technology to laptops and tablets.

The biggest advantage of the Rear Folding Window coating will be its hardness. The Korean chemical company says that the new material will be thinner than existing tempered glass while providing the same hardness. Even though the new coating doesn’t use any plastic, it will be as flexible as plastic.

Another advantage of the new coating will be its goal to reduce creases. Creasing between the two parts of a folding display has been one of the biggest concerns of consumers. The new display layer should offer a much less noticeable crease.

According to LG Chem, the new glass hard coating will also be very reliable. It has tested the Rear Folding Window through 200,000 folds, and it retains its durability without a hitch. Unfortunately, the new folding coating isn't going to be mass produced soon. The company says that production could start as early as 2022, with mass production no earlier than 2023.

LG left the mobile market in the spring of this year. The company has been famous for experimenting in the smartphone business and always pursuing the next big thing in tech. Before it decided to exit the market, the Korean company revealed a functioning prototype of a rollable smartphone called the LG Rollable.
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