What's in the Pill? Leak reveals most of the specs for Apple's upcoming 2024 Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker

What's in the Pill? Leak reveals most of the specs for Apple's upcoming 2024 Beats Pill Bluetooth sp
Remember the Beats Pill speaker? It disappeared from the scene back in 2022, only to make a surprise return in various special editions. Well, now it's officially making a comeback! The upcoming Beats Pill model has been recently spotted navigating its way through the FCC, meaning its launch is right around the corner.

And now, while Apple is gearing up to unveil its second Beats Pill product since acquiring the audio brand, more intriguing details are emerging.

Beats Pill: bigger battery, better sound, Find My support, and more

9to5Mac, a trusted source for Apple-centric tech news, has gotten the scoop from its insiders about the features and specs we can expect to see on the upcoming Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker when it finally hits the shelves.

In the upcoming 2024 Beats Pill, get ready for a blast of louder sound, deeper bass, and improved tonal quality. Rumor has it, it's packing a re-engineered racetrack woofer that cranks up the motor force by 28%, pumps out 90% more air volume, and keeps low-end distortion at bay.

The revamped tweeter on the 2024 Beats Pill should come with its own secure housing, promising stability while delivering crisp highs and lush mid-range tones. Plus, it might introduce a clever 20-degree upward tilt angle, directing sound straight to your ears and away from any obstacles in its path.

In the world of Bluetooth speakers, top-notch sound is just part of the equation. Features and compatibility play a big role in making a product stand out, which is why it is good to see that it's making the switch from Bluetooth 4.0 to Bluetooth 5.3, promising better connectivity and a smoother user experience.

Also, based on the information from the source, the new Beats Pill could potentially have double the battery life, going from around 12 hours to a solid 24 hours. Additionally, there's talk about it sporting an IP67 rating, making it resistant to dust and water – something the earlier model lacked. Plus, it should work smoothly with both iOS and Android devices, making pairing a breeze and connecting automatically to compatible gadgets.

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Speaking as someone who's just had the misfortune of losing their Bluetooth speaker, let me tell you, this last feature is a game-changer. The 2024 Beats Pill is expected to roll out with compatibility for both Apple's Find My and Google's Find My Device.

In terms of design, the new Beats Pill is reportedly a tad lighter, coming in at 680 grams compared to its predecessor's 748.5 grams. Additionally, the USB-A charge out and Lightning charging have been swapped out for USB-C charging.

While the original Beats Pill+ was initially available in black or white, the new Beats Pill is set to debut in three colors: black, gold, and red.


As for controls, users can expect familiar features, including a central button for managing music and calls, volume adjustments, and a system button for pairing, activating voice assistants, and powering the device on and off. Just like its predecessor, the new Beats Pill will support stereo output when pairing two speakers.

Now, the only missing pieces of the puzzle are the pricing details and the official launch date. It's worth noting that Beats has other new audio hardware in the pipeline, Beats Solo Buds and Beats Solo 4, expected to launch in June. Judging by that and the recent FCC filings, it's likely that we'll get our hands on the new Beats Pill just in time for summer, too.

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