Apple announces NameDrop, a feature for seamless contact information sharing

Apple announces NameDrop, a feature for seamlessly sharing contact information
It's WWDC 2023, Apple's developer conference, and the tech giant just announced its latest version of iOS, iOS 17. When it becomes available this fall, iOS will bring a ton of new features to your iPhone. One of these features is called NameDrop.

You are probably already familiar with AirDrop, Apple's feature that lets you seamlessly share files with other Apple devices. Well, NameDrop will do something similar, but with contact information.

Imagine this: you meet a person for the first time and want to exchange your numbers. Well, when NameDrop comes to your iPhones this fall, you will be able to share your number by just bringing your two iPhones close together. This will transfer your personalized Contact Posters and your phone numbers. You will be able to use NameDrop with an iPhone and an Apple Watch as well by using the same gesture.

In addition to letting you easily share contact information, iOS 17 will also let you share files by just putting together two iPhones. Also, the sharing won't stop if you leave the AirDrop range. Instead, it will continue to transfer the files securely and in full quality over the internet.

You will also be able to bring two iPhones together to listen to music, watch a movie, or play a game using SharePlay. iOS 17 will come to iPhones this fall as a free software update for iPhone Xs and later.

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