iOS 15 developer beta shows Apple is planning to use selfie verification to add your ID card to the Wallet app

iOS 15 developer beta shows Apple is planning to use selfie verification to add your ID card to the
The Wallet app will, according to Apple's announcement during WWDC, have a feature to store ID cards for your convenience. Although this feature has yet to appear in an iOS 15 beta, a verification step for adding an ID card has been discovered by 9to5Mac in the latest developer beta.

Apple is working on security verification via selfies so only the ID card owner can add it to Wallet

This code has been hidden in the latest iOS 15 developer beta, and it is expected to be a part of the future ID card adding feature. To set up your ID card to your iPhone's Wallet app, you will need to go through, understandably, verification made to prevent users from stealing identity documents. The cool thing is that the verification will be accomplished by taking a selfie of yourself.

Selfie validation is not new, as some banking apps use it to authenticate users on new devices; however, Apple has built its own solution, using the technologies of the iPhone.

The process is a bit different than just taking a photo of yourself though. It is similar to the Face ID setup, in which you need to rotate your head in different positions so the iPhone can register your face. Here, animations will guide you to capture your face in different positions, for example looking sideways, raising your eyebrows, opening your mouth, smiling.

After that, according to pieces of the code, the results will be analyzed on the device and then, the setup will be completed. Once your ID card is added to the Wallet app, you'll be able to use it just with Face ID to confirm your identity.

Apple stated that the feature to add your ID card to Apple Wallet will be coming later this year to some residents in the US.

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