The rear of Instagram's classic logo has been revealed for the first time

It’s been four years since Instagram replaced its classic icon with the colorful logo everyone knows (but not necessarily loves) today. The Instagram logo is unlikely to change again anytime soon, but the classic icon has returned as part of 10th anniversary celebrations.

The recent news was met with delight from fans across the world, although one very important question still remained – what does it look like from the back? Now, Instagram has solved the mystery.

The classic Instagram icon's back has been revealed

After a decade of the unknown, Facebook-owned Instagram has put everyone’s mind at ease by showing off the rear side of its classic logo for the first time. The image, rather ironically, was posted to Twitter rather than Instagram.

The never-before-seen side of the icon houses a large viewfinder in the top-left corner and the iconic Instagram stripes over on the right. The rest is what you’d expect from any basic non-DSLR camera. 

So, there you have it. The back of Instagram's classic icon has been showcased for the first time. Now all that remains to be seen are the sides, but maybe Instagram will save that surprise for its 20th anniversary celebrations in 2030.

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