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Conan's "iPhone Basic" is for those with severe smartphone addiction

Amid complaints that Apple is responsible for smartphone addiction and should do something about it, the company introduced Screen Time earlier this week at WWDC. The feature measures how much time an iPhone user spends on certain apps. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook had to admit that after checking out Screen Time, he discovered that he was using his company's own product too much.

The guys at the Conan Show took Apple's new Digital Health initiative and created a parody commercial for the perfect iPhone model to break a smartphone addiction. Called the 'iPhone Basic,' the device has no buttons and no screen.

It almost looks and sounds like a real Apple ad as it discusses how the low-end model allows you to spend more time enjoying life with your children and your special someone. It also leads you to partake in more outdoor activities, and allows you to be you. Click the video at the top of the screen to view the "ad" for the iPhone Basic.

There actually was a similar phone called the noPhone that was released in 2014. Made for those who were used to the feeling of having a smartphone in their hands all day, the noPhone was a weighted piece of plastic that cost $12. The upgraded selfie version, which cost $18, featured a reflective sticker on the back of the "handset."

source: Team Coco


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