iPhone app gives those at the movies the green light to go to the bathroom

iPhone app gives those at the movies the green light to go to the bathroom
This is a problem that has afflicted us all. After downing that $5 cup of soda at the movie theater, nature calls but we are too absorbed with the movie on the screen to answer. Naturally, on the iPhone, there's an app for that. For 99 cents, RunPee will give you a timer that lets you know when the movie turns dull enough for you to empty your bladder. It will also summarize the part of the movie that you missed. Furthermore, the app will let you know if there is a surprise ending that runs during the closing credits so you won't be the one left out amongst your circle of friends discussing that hilarious bit that ran after the name of the "Best Boy" was up on the screen.

The instructions are rather simple. Select the movie that you are attending, start the timer when the picture starts, and your breaks will be scheduled throughout the movie. We have seen some useful iPhone apps before, but RunPee is one that actually fills a need. Instead of flushing away your money with games, flashlights and other downloads that will just take up space on your device, RunPee is a tool that you can use everytime you head to the theater.

source: Mashable


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