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An iPhone X gets salvaged after two weeks in a river, still gets called the "eks" (video)


It was a usual day for the "Man + River" channel of YouTuber Dallas, spent salvaging stuff under water, and trying to locate their owners to return them. Over the weekend, however, his wet hunt resulted in "one of my favorite river treasure dives so far." The video begins with him taking out sunglasses, a ring and then goes on to... an iPhone X. 

The guy was as excited about the finding as was the phone's owner Alyssa, who had plopped her phone in the river two weeks ago, and was mourning all the baby pictures of her offspring that she had on it. 

Needless to say, the X got opened and dried out completely before Dallas powered it up, as every repair shop recommends in these cases, but power up it did, for the glory of the IP67 water-resistance certification rating that "only" guarantees up to 30 minutes in water. 

That's not the first time a water-tight handset has spent much more time submerged than its warranty guarantees, but it's the first such known lucky incident with Apple's latest and greatest. Fun fact: people still keep giving the iPhone X the "eks" name treatment, seven months after launch.
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