Apparently, people keep calling iPhone X the iPhone 'Eks'


Apple got on the stage September 12th, and called it the iPhone X (ten), denoting the tenth anniversary of the OG iPhone, but that denomination apparently isn't sticking around, as people keep calling the phone with the transcription of the letter "x". Numerous tech bloggers and random folks being asked about it in the Apple Store or on the streets have confirmed the phenomenon already. We can also attest that a lot people, even ones that should be in the know, are referring to the tenth anniversary iPhone with the letter, not the number. This is somewhat unprecedented, but the phone itself is unorthodox, too. 

Not only is it not launching almost immediately, as we are accustomed to from previous iPhones, but is also marked with a Roman numeral for the first time in Apple's history, so until it actually launches, the habit of calling it the iPhone "Eks" might be already hard to root out, which should make for some interesting lapses on evening news and in everyday conversations alike. Have you noticed someone calling it the "Eks" instead of "ten" around you, like this representative sample from the Twitterverse below?

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