Apple will let you trade in your old iPhone for an iPhone X or iPhone 8 by mail

Available since 2015, Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program allowscustomers in select markets to get a brand new iPhone each year, as long asthey commit to monthly payments and trade in their old Apple handset.


Until now, you were able to trade in your out-of-fashioniPhone for a new model only by visiting an Apple Store. But that's no longerthe case, as Apple recently refreshed the Upgrade Program to include a second (seeminglymore convenient) trade in option, at least in the US. Apparently, you can now requesta "trade-in-kit" that can be used to send your old iPhone to Apple bymail. 


For now, it's not exactly clear what this trade-in-kitconsists of, and neither how the whole process will work. In any case, Applelikely enhanced the Upgrade Program in order to allow customers to effortlesslytrade in their old iPhones for the new models that will be announced tomorrow:iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus (these names haven't been officiallyconfirmed, but they're almost certainly accurate). 


Let's wait and see if Apple shares any additional details about this improved Upgrade Program tomorrow, during its new iPhone announcement event.

sources: MacRumors Forums, Apple iPhone Upgrade Program

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iPhone X
  • Display 5.8 inches
    2436 x 1125 pixels
  • Camera 12 MP (Dual camera)
    7 MP front
  • Hardware Apple A11 Bionic, 3GB RAM
  • Storage 256GB, not expandable
  • Battery 2716 mAh
  • OS iOS 13.x



4. Muphet

Posts: 4; Member since: Aug 25, 2017

wonder if i can exchange my old 3G

3. darkkjedii

Posts: 31798; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

Anybody know what TechieXP said to get banned?

6. kiko007

Posts: 7525; Member since: Feb 17, 2016

Who knows. Probably something stupid/racist/sexist/combination of the above, or the mods just got tired of his semi-retarded ass. Either way, about f-ing time!

9. darkkjedii

Posts: 31798; Member since: Feb 05, 2011

An article had the comments section shut down, and he and diggie both got banned. It must've gotten bad.

7. cnour

Posts: 2305; Member since: Sep 11, 2014

The result is more important than the reason. Banned for at least this week is an excellent idea!!!! Do you imagine what will be the size of his comment after the iPhone X announcement?????

2. kakudiego

Posts: 123; Member since: May 21, 2014

For me people who buy a iPhone, are the same who voted for Trump!

5. bucky

Posts: 3797; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

Keep your politics out of here snowflake.

8. cnour

Posts: 2305; Member since: Sep 11, 2014

For me people who write such comment are more than stupid.

1. diggie32

Posts: 388; Member since: Apr 03, 2016

Looking at the prices they currently offer for trade ins for the 7, you can get a bit more selling locally or on eBay. Of course, Apple offers the more convenient way to avoid dealing with low ballers, no shows, ect. Pretty cool to at least offer the program.

11. Rampage_Taco

Posts: 1126; Member since: Jan 17, 2017

That's just for now, look at last year, Carriers were offering $650 for any i6, i6+, i6s, and i6s+. And $550 for any 5 or 5s. Definitely can't resell phones at that price

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