Crazy: The iPhone X can cost over $3,000 on Amazon

Crazy: The iPhone X can cost over $3,000 on Amazon

Amazon is not among the official channels that are offering Apple's iPhone X, but various third-party vendors can use Amazon's platform to re-sell the new handset. Right now, if you're searching for an iPhone X on Amazon, you'll find that you can order one for prices significantly higher than those available at Apple and major US carriers.


One particular third-party seller says it can ship the iPhone X in 2-3 days - which sounds nice, given that stock shortages are expected to affect the device's general availability. However, to get the iPhone X in 2-3 days from said vendor, you'll have to pay a crazily high price: $3,499 for the 64 GB model, or $4,499 for the 256 GB model.


Normally, the iPhone X 64 GB costs $999, while the 256 GB version is sold for $1,149. Pre-orders have been open since last week, and the new smartphone will be officially launched tomorrow, November 3, with some units (likely not many) being available in Apple Stores for walk-in customers.


We're certainly not advising anyone to buy the iPhone X via Amazon, unless they desperately want to get the handset fast, and don't find it anywhere else.


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