iPhone 7 owners apparently break their devices trying to drill a new headphone jack

iPhone 7 owners apparently break their devices trying to drill a new headphone jack
Of the many new features Apple has packed into the iPhone 7 duo, the main talking point seems to be the removal of the headphone jack. As is tradition following an iPhone launch, there have been a number of trolling efforts related to Cupertino's latest and greatest. One clip in particular shows users how they can get still enjoy a 3.5mm port using that most famous of DIY instruments -- a drill. Where most seem to have gleaned that the TechRax clip is made for amusement, some iPhone owners have seemingly heeded the advice.

Of course, it's entirely possible that the YouTube commenters are simply trolling back TechRax and his drilling antics. However, this is the internet we're talking about, so we certainly wouldn't bet against some folk unwittingly turning their new iPhones into rather expensive paperweights.

Here's the clip that has caught so much attention:

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Seems just like your typical not-very-funny joke, right? Well spare a thought for those who have seemingly taken the advice on board and harmed their new device in the process: 

We hope that these people are joking, and that nobody has seriously drilled a hole in their device in the hope of retrieving the old 3.5mm headphone port. 

Apple's decision to remove this omni-present feature was always going to be met with resistance. If you want the perks of the iPhone 7 but don't want to lose the port, there are other ways for you to achieve your goals besides these very drastic measures. 

Though we trust that our wonderful readers won't have gone to such extremes, it pays to be mindful that following any at-home gadget repair / mod tutorials -- from the serious to the plain silly such as this -- will almost always void your warranty. 

Be careful out there!

via: The Sun

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