iPhone 7 Plus snaps 'magical' photos in Portrait Mode for Apple's latest 'Barbers' ad

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After it released ‘The City’ ad at the beginning of this month, promoting the Portrait Mode feature on iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has now launched another video that focuses on the handset’s dual-camera capabilities. And why wouldn’t it? Portrait Mode allows even the biggest of photography amateurs to capture fantastic shots, with smoothly blurred backgrounds and sharp, crispy foreground objects.

The latest video ad, called ‘Barbers’, takes the iPhone 7 Plus into a classic, retro-looking American barbershop. The setting seems like the perfect playground for such a photo shoot, as the varied and detailed backgrounds give a true highlight to the camera’s ability to dissolve them. Like the end of the clip says – it’s ‘practically magic’.

The video shows off multiple, professional-level portrait takes of customers’ haircuts, which then snap onto the shop’s window as prints. We doubt that there are many barbershops where they keep an on-site photo printer, but oh well… We had similar arguments for ‘The City’ video. However, this is not to say that ‘Barbers’ isn’t a well-produced, Apple-quality ad, that just makes you itch to go and practice so your Portrait Mode skills.

We are still a few months away from the unveil of the next iPhone, but Apple’s latest ad campaigns suggest that the dual-cam is likely to be one of its features. We have seen some schematics supporting the statement, but we have had no official statements on the matter – we shall wait until the fall to see what Cupertino will surprise us with. In any case, the success of Portrait Mode available with the dual-camera build has proved to be quite popular and we can’t see many reasons why it won’t be featured in Apple’s next flagship.

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