Apple's latest ad for the iPhone 7 Plus "focuses" on Portrait Mode

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Apple has released the latest ad for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, and once again it focuses on the Portrait Mode available with the dual-camera setup. This allows you to use the depth of field information gleaned from the two cameras on back to create a professional looking blur. The commercial is titled "The City," and no doubt you will soon see this spot played during your favorite shows like Married at First Sight, the NBA Playoffs and Sunday Night Baseball.

The 1 minute television commercial opens up in a large Asian city. It's the classic love story. Guy meets Gal, one million people mulling around in the street disappear suddenly, Guy uses his iPhone 7 Plus to take a picture of the Gal in Portrait Mode. Sure, this happens every day.

Soon, the couple are doing goofy things in the big city, both exploding inside with the feeling that anything is possible. Before you know it, they are holding hands. And as they walk along the empty streets, all of a sudden the city is mobbed once again. And then comes the tag line that explains the whole ad, "focus on what you love."

The idea is that with the Portrait Mode enabled, the subject of your picture appears sharp and in focus in the foreground, while everyone in the background is just a blur. Yes, we get it. Portrait Mode is like two lovers with eyes for only each other. Every one else disappears. And once again, just as the ad comes to its conclusion, we are reminded that Portrait Mode, like all of the other features on the iPhone, is "practically magic."

Sure, you can wait until this coming week's episode of 60 Days in Atlanta to catch the ad, but why wait? All you need to do is click on the video at the top of the story and you'll be reminded of those carefree days you spent in the big city. Just you, your significant other, millions of bystanders, and your Apple iPhone.

source: Apple

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