iPhone 7 Plus benchmark allegedly caught on camera. It may have 3 GB of RAM?


So, the 2016 iPhones are coming and, thanks to a hurricane of leaks, we have a pretty good general idea of how they are going to look. But that is, of course, not the only mystery surrounding them. Starting with the name – some divisive leaks suggest that the new models will not come with the number 7 attached to them; we still don't know whether or not we will see a new color in the lineup; there is still no definite answer to the question if there will be two or three iPhone 7 variants; and we can't say for certain how Apple would employ the alleged dual camera that should be mounted on the Plus / Pro.

All that said, the hardware of the phones is still shrouded in mystery. Apple has never aimed to be flashy in that department — no dozen-core processors, no crazy amounts of RAM — which is probably why the rumor mill doesn't find it as exciting to dwell on. The company is well-known for launching snappy-running smartphones that don't impress when compared to the competition on paper, but still performs as good as — or better than some of — its rivals. Great for iPhone users, but not that exciting for speculators.

But we digress. A recent leak, posted on the forums of Chinese tech site Feng.com, claims to show us a preliminary benchmark, performed on the iPhone 7 Plus. The leak consists of a photo snap of a computer monitor, displaying part of the results from a Geekbench test. From what is visible, we can see that the unit is not officially named – it carries the name iPhone9,2, so, if we are to assume this is legitimate, it was obviously done on a prototype unit. Further below, it is seen that the test was performed on the 28th of June, so we are definitely taking this with a huge grain of salt.

On to the interesting stuff, we've got a dual-core processor that runs at 2.37 GHz. That's slightly faster than the 2.26 GHz Apple A9X SoC found inside the iPad Pro and the benchmark score reflects that, showing the test unit performed a bit better in both the single-core and multi-core tests than your average iPad Pro (~3200 / ~5500 points for iPad Pro vs ~3500 / ~6400 points for this alleged iPhone9,2). We've also got 3 GB of RAM, which is exciting, but again raises doubt — Apple spent quite a lot of time churning out phones with 1 GB of RAM, before caving in and installing 2 GB of RAM on the iPhone 6s only a year ago. While it's not impossible that this year's units may get another bump in that department, and we've definitely heard speculation on the matter before, it still looks like a move that would be slightly out of character.

Unfortunately, we get no information on cameras, as Geekbench doesn't focus on anything but processing power. Of course, we also have absolutely no way of knowing whether this image has been doctored in some way. Our own search through Geekbench's website returned no results for the mystery unit.

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