Hope rekindled: an alleged iPhone part in black caught in the wild – could Space Black be coming?


Some time ago, we heard a rumor that this year's iPhones may come in a new color, replacing the current Space Gray. First, the leaks suggested a Deep Blue option, but soon after, they changed to Space Black — a blacked-out variant of the current gray finish.

However, real life photos of alleged back shells of the 2016 iPhones showed us the traditional Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, and Space Gray, with absolutely no hint of a black color option, so the rumor was dropped, at least regarding this year's models. But a new leak suggests that there might still be “hope”.

Bear in mind, this is quite the minor piece of information and not really a lot to go on. Leakster @the_malignant has tweeted a picture that allegedly shows a mute button, probably taken from the parts assembly line for the new Apple flagships. And, as can be seen below, the switch is entirely black.

The mute switch has been installed on iPhones for years now, and, ever since the handsets are made out of metal, has been in the same color as the frame that it sits on. In fact, the same is true for the volume and power buttons on Apple's handsets. So, if we are to assume that this is really a mute toggle part right off the iPhone 2016's assembly line, then yes — there's a chance that a black edition of the handset will be making an appearance.

Of course, it could also be other things — a part for something entirely different, a piece for a prototype build, or, who knows, maybe the 2016 iPhones will have black switches. It's a straw, true, but for those who actually want to see a Space Black iPhone this year, it's a glimmer of hope.

Source: @the_malignant
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