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iPhone 5 case by Sensus is touch sensitive on the back, coming in 2013

iPhone case is sensitive on the back.
Now here is an unusual concept for an iPhone 5 case that seems crazy enough to work... if executed right, of course. It is made by the folks at Sensus, and what's interesting about it is that it is touch-sensitive on the back.

Yeah, we know that it sounds ridiculous, but just think about it: mobile video games require your finger to touch the screen, which obscures part of the action. That is rarely a problem, but can get annoying on some occasions. With a case like this, gamers will be able to maintain control over the game, all the while having a clear view of the action. In addition, there won't be the need to wipe the screen once you are done playing. The touch-sensitive pads are positioned in  a way that should eliminate accidental interactions with the screen.

The case will be priced at $59, and those who want to one are free to sign-up for a notification. It will take a while until they get theirs, however, as the first batch will be shipped in 2013. In the meantime, developers who are interested will be given access to a private SDK to make software that plays nicely with the Sensus touch-sensitive case.

source: Sensus via Gizmodo
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