Deal alert: iPad Pro 12.9” with 256 GB of storage at $320 off

Deal alert: iPad Pro 12.9” with 256 GB of storage at $320 off

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The iPad Pro 12.9” is definitely a monster — both in terms of size and price. With a screen so big that it wants you to start reconsidering replacing your laptop with this iOS device, it also costs just about as much as a MacBook Air, even more if you choose to add more space, 4G connectivity, the Apple Pencil or Smart Keyboard.

Well, there's a deal over at eBay that you might be interested in if you've been eyeing the table-sized iPads for a while. It's a bunch of manufacturer-refurbished iPad Pro 12.9” Wi-Fi only units with 256 GB of storage, sold for $629.99. This configuration alone will set you back $949.99 if you go straight to Apple, so that's $320 that you can save or use for your iPad Pro accessories right there.

It's worth noting that you get a 2-month warranty. The seller claims that the refurb job has been done in an official, certified refurbishment facility and their rating on eBay is 98.3% out of 153k votes.


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