iPad 2 rumored to get 5 new features

iPad 2 rumored to get 5 new features
Apple is right on the money with its iPad, one of the most wanted gifts for this Holiday season, but 2010 is quickly coming to an end and 2011 might get us closer to the iPad's second version. Digitimes quoted a Chinese daily, which got some industry sources to speak and what they revealed is 5 new features to the iPad 2 (or whatever Apple decides to call it). The features we might see are video calling, better mobility, USB port, a new display technology and a 3-axis gyroscope.

Video calling might be the least surprising feature after Cupertino launched FaceTime for the iPhone, but adding this would most probably mean that the future iPad revision will also have at least a front-facing camera. Better mobility is a broad term, which could mean anything from smaller sizes to a drop in weight, but the source mentions smaller-sized panels with thinner glass. USB port would be a coveted addition, but we could only speculate if this would mean any type of file management support along with it. And with Apple's iTunes this seems highly unlikely.

The new screen was rumored to have the “Retina Display”, which means higher pixel density and some noticeably detailed and sharper looking images a la iPhone 4. And finally, the 3-axis gyroscope would be loved by all the gamers out there. Is it anticipated? Suffice to say that when tearing down the iPad many saw what seemed to be an empty spot for the gyro.

We would love to see all five additions on a new iPad, but we still take these with a grain of salt. Apple is famous with their secret keeping, so unless the new iPad pops up in some bar in California, we might have to wait until April to see.

source: Digitimes

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1. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

Hooray 5 awesome features never seen..... on another iPad...

2. rafaelinux

Posts: 31; Member since: Jun 29, 2009

So.. a whole new device released a whole year later and you get.... yeah! 5 new features... Hey, where are you guys?, no cheering? T_T

3. wings unregistered

Still no flash !!!!!!!!!

4. Eingild unregistered

The thing about the Retina Display is rather pointless than innovative. The iPad already have 1024-by-768-pixel resolution at 132 pixels per inch (ppi). Why would they scale it down to 960x480-pixel resolution(Retina Display)? The tipster is obviously mistaken. Poor him.

5. joepiedepoepie unregistered

Still no flash, still no micro sd, still no decent camera on the back and...still as closed as a banksafe. And yes still as expensive. Next year will be very hard for apple with many tablet on the market powered by a tegra2 chip half as expensive.

7. m2n unregistered

apple's concept of retina display is not the resolution, but the 'pixels unseen by the human eye'. why the HELL would apple want to put the retina display on the ipad 2? is anyone out there gonna look at small texts that close from a 10 inch display?!

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