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iOS 5 might easily recognize voice commands spoken in plain English

iOS 5 might easily recognize voice commands spoken in plain English
The latest iOS 5 rumor is unlike anything that we've reported about recently and revolves around yet another improvement that iOS' next version will adopt. Curious to hear about it? Well, some say that the future version of Apple's mobile platform will come with powerful voice control integration – more sophisticated than anything seen on an iOS device before.

How sophisticated you may ask? Reportedly, iOS 5 will be capable of recognizing commands in plain everyday English. For example, “asking” your iPhone what is going on in your city today will result in a comprehensive internet search bringing up relevant current events, or maybe inquiring about your favorite store chain will bring up a map with directions to the nearest outlet. Google's Voice Search with Voice Actions, which runs on Android smartphones, offers identical functionality and has been around for several months already, so it is about time for Apple to upgrade iOS' rather more basic voice control.

Some of you may know that the advanced feature is not an idea that originates from Cupertino, but it was never widely adopted by the mainstream – something that Apple might be intending to change. “Smart” voice control for the iPhone and the iPad is actually based on an iOS app called Siri, which Apple bought the rights for last year, supposedly with plans to twist it in its own way before implementing it in its gadgets.

We doubt that the next iPhone will be able to fetch your newspaper on command, but having powerful voice controls sounds like something that will make iOS feel a bit more intelligent, especially if third party apps are granted access to it. The functionality is rumored to be introduced in June during WWDC along with the announcement of iOS 5 and OS X Lion.

source: TechCrunch via Redmond Pie

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