Leak reveals that the HarmonyOS powered Huawei Watch D can take your blood pressure

Huawei Watch D will monitor your blood pressure
A leaked image of what allegedly is the box for the Huawei Watch D reveals that the timepiece will be equipped with a blood pressure monitor. The image was posted on Weibo by an online tipster which was noticed by ItHome. The box features a picture of the watch and its rectangular screen showing the results of a blood pressure scan with a systolic of 118, a diastolic of 78, and a pulse of 76.

The box also displayed another clue by including the HarmonyOS logo on the lower right corner of the packaging. This means that Huawei's home-grown operating system will drive the wearable.

ItHome notes that the Huawei Watch D has received its State Drug Administration Class II medical device registration certificate which means that the blood pressure monitoring system is medical-grade (at least based on the standards in China). Users will also receive notifications reminding them when it is time to get a new blood pressure reading based on professional health management advice.

According to the original Weibo tipster, the Huawei Watch D should be released late this month. The HarmonyOS operating system that will run the timepiece was developed by Huawei in earnest back in 2019 when the U.S. Commerce Department put the manufacturer on the Entity List due to the firm's alleged ties with the Communist Chinese government.

Being placed on the list prevents Huawei from using any Google-developed software without approval. Huawei developed HarmonyOS as an Android replacement and it was first used on smart television sets before being pre-installed on Huawei phones, tablets, and smartwatches.

The world's most popular watch, the Apple Watch, even with its myriad health sensors, cannot provide users with a blood pressure reading. Perhaps that feature will arrive next year along with the rumored temperature sensor, and the eagerly awaited non-invasive blood glucose sensor.

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