HTC posts its best revenue result in eight months ahead of 5G smartphone release

HTC posts its best revenue result in eight months ahead of 5G smartphone release
As promised all the way back in February, HTC is (almost) prepared to join the 5G smartphone market. The Taiwan-based company is already more than 12 months late to a party started by Samsung's Galaxy S10 5G, but although the U20 5G doesn't even look sophisticated or powerful enough to take on last year's mobile beasts, some of the brand's most hardcore fans might be pleased (and pleasantly surprised) by the simple fact that HTC is still in business and trying to survive.

What could be even more surprising to hear is that the company actually improved its earnings for a change in June. Technically, the same thing happened in May, but only because the April 2020 revenue score hit an abysmally low NT$297 million. Compared to both that and the May 2020 total of NT$397 million, the latest monthly revenue tally almost sounds impressive, sitting at NT$649 million.

The figure is that much more remarkable when considering it's the highest this year while also exceeding HTC's income scores from February, April, July, November, and December 2019. At the same time, however, you have to take into account that 649 million Taiwan New Dollars are equivalent to a little over 22 million USD, which is hardly an impressive number for a manufacturer of both smartphones and virtual reality devices.

These are not profit scores, mind you, but merely revenue figures, representing a tiny portion of how much other major smartphone vendors earn every month nowadays. It's also important to note that the NT$649 million total marks a healthy month-on-month increase of 63.55 percent and a worrying year-on-year decline of 55.57 percent.

Still, it looks like the 4G LTE-only Desire 20 Pro mid-ranger may have generated a decent level of buyer interest during its first couple of weeks of domestic availability. If HTC can keep that up, perhaps the device will eventually be released in other markets as well, setting the stage for a wider rollout of the HTC U20 5G than initially believed... at some point in the not-so-distant future.

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