Vote now: How many phones do you own?

Vote now: How many phones do you own?
According to most Far East philosophers, things don’t make us happy, and we should invest our time and efforts in people, goals, and experiences. Well, that might be true to some extent but we’re living in a material world, and unless we transcend our beings from our material nature into something purely spiritual, we can’t cut our ties with our good old “things.”

Furthermore, most things we own serve a certain purpose, and most of the time this purpose is either making our lives easier, or entertaining us, thus making us happy. We can debate all day whether or not this is the “correct” way to be happy but let’s not.

Let’s talk smartphones. Many people don’t hold to their old phones - they either sell them, return them or donate them to friends, family, etc. There’s another angle here - some people need a second phone, maybe it’s a work phone, or if we want to be brave and scandalous - it might be a burner phone, or a special device to contact your mistress.

Wild speculations aside, we’re asking you a simple question today - how many phones do you currently have? Work phones count, backup phones too, dumb phones, and feature phones count as well. We’re guessing most people don’t have more than two devices on their plate at any time but we might be wrong!

How many phones do you currently own?

Four or more
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Vote in our poll and share your secret stories in the comments below. We promise we won’t tell a soul!

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