Google wants to make your phone conversations more Emoji-like with this new feature

Google wants to make your phone conversations more Emoji-like with this new feature
Google is giving its Phone app a playful new feature called "Audio Emoji." This fun new option lets you liven up your phone calls with a bit of playful sound.

According to 9to5Google, Audio Emoji is now appearing in the beta version of the Google Phone app (version 128) and should roll out widely in the next few weeks. The feature was first seen in development under the name "Sound Reaction" back in September of last year by AssembleDebug, but later fleshed out back in February.

Audio Emoji in action + Settings | Source: Google News channel (Telegram)

Here's how it works: during a call, simply choose from six emoji options — clapping, laughter, a party horn, crying, a poop emoji, or the classic "ba dum tss" sting. The Google Phone app will create a short animation, and then both you and the person you're talking to will hear a corresponding sound effect.

In the Phone app's settings, Google explains that you can use these Audio Emojis to express emotions and a dd some lightheartedness to your conversations. While it may seem silly, it's definitely a unique way to personalize calls.

Currently, there are two ways to access Audio Emoji: You can find a button for it in the overflow menu, or use the chip that pops up in the main calling screen. Google has also included a handy setting to completely turn off the feature if it gets too distracting.

To prevent overuse, there's a slight delay between each time you can play a sound effect. This is probably a good thing, considering some of the sounds might get a bit annoying if used too much.

It will be fun to see how Android users make use of this new feature, but most interesting of all will be to see how those without it react to hearing these effects go off while in a conversation. It will definitely make for some entertaining remarks.

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