Google TV will soon help users locate misplaced remotes with new feature

Google TV will soon help users locate misplaced remotes with new feature
During the recent Google I/O developer conference, Google unveiled the latest version of Android TV, Android 14 for TV. This update will be available on new Google TV devices, and developers have been given access to an updated emulator to prepare for the release. As reported by Android Authority, a closer look at the update revealed references to a highly anticipated feature: "Find my remote."

This feature is a welcome addition for many users who frequently misplace their TV remotes. The frustration of searching for a lost remote is familiar to many, and Google's solution promises to alleviate this common issue. In fact, Walmart's recently launched Onn Google TV 4K Pro streaming box surprised early users by already including this feature. A button on the front of the box triggers an audible beep and flashing LED light on the remote, helping users locate it within a 30-foot range.

Walmart's Onn Google TV 4K Pro remote with "Find my remote" feature active | Source: AFTVnews

Initially, it was unclear whether this feature would be limited to Walmart's device. However, further digging into the of the Android 14 for TV emulator build suggests that this feature is a part of the Google TV platform itself. The strings of code found in the emulator match the functionality of Walmart's remote finder, indicating that the Onn Google TV 4K Pro simply utilizes Google TV's new feature.

While the "Find my remote" feature is a promising development, it's important to note that it will only be compatible with specific Google TV remote controls. The exact models that will support this feature are yet to be revealed. However, it's expected that the remotes will need a speaker to emit the finder sound and possibly an LED for visual aid. These remotes will also require programming to activate the sound and/or flashing light upon command. Some existing remotes might gain this functionality through firmware updates, but this is not guaranteed.

For existing Google TV devices, software updates will likely be necessary to enable the "Find my remote" feature. While new devices shipping with Android 14 for TVs should have the feature pre-installed, many older devices running Android 12 for TVs may need updates to access this functionality.

Once the feature is rolled out, users will reportedly be able to access it either by pressing a button on the Google TV device itself or through the settings page. This convenient feature is expected to improve the user experience by making it easier to locate misplaced remotes and avoid the frustration of searching for them, especially when they are so prone to sliding in between the couch cushions.

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