Google Search’s new features can help you save money when traveling

Google Search’s new features can help you save money when traveling
Travelling provides new experiences and new experiences are the key to keeping stress levels low and happiness levels high. But what do all good trips have in common? That's right: we take some of the best smartphones on them with us, because they are helpful travel companions.

How would we make them more helpful though? Well, easy: new Google Search features. Most people are already using the search engine when planning out their trips, so incorporating new tools into it is a simple no brainer.

And would you look at that? Google was thinking the same thing! The latest update to the platform has introduced a brand new workflow, consisting of three separate features:

  • Browsing hotels
  • Saving money on flights
  • Discover what the destination holds in store

Once a user is done with the process, they would effectively have chosen their next travel destination with ease, all from the comfort of their smartphone.

In order to kick things off, you are expected to search for a location, combined with “hotel”. At that point, Google will present a series of “stories”, as seen on major social media platforms. Each entry will showcase features related to the hotel in question. Once the choice has been made, a helpful button can be tapped to take you straight to that hotel’s booking page.

Still, you have to get there, and for that we can get help from Google Flights. It monitors flight prices and recognizes if a given ticket price is low, standard or high. The platform will then label the listings it shows accordingly, so that you can pick out the best deal.

The last thing on the list is choosing what to do once you land and Google can help you optimize that too. If you search for, lets say, a monument, Search will also offer worthwhile sights nearby, so that you can get the most out of your day. Each recommendation also comes with directions and a link to buy tickets if need be.

Summertime seems far away, but it’ll be here before you know it. If you were hesitant to start planning your trips, because of all the related hassle, this may have been the nudge you needed. Why not take a chill pill and let Google do the heavy lifting?

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