Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8

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Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8
Google's 2020 Pixel 5 edition is carrying a sweet $699 price tag reminiscent of its Nexus line of phones, but there are plenty of fish in the Android sea at that sub-flagship pricing, and some of them, like the OnePlus 8, are real sharks.

Available at US carriers like T-Mobile or Verizon, the OnePlus 8 costs $699-$799, depending on whether it carries support for Verizon's mmWave UW bands, and warrants a direct specs comparison with the Pixel 5 which would retail for about that base pricing.

The OnePlus 8 was a price-to-value king when it came out, but its hegemony is now threatened by Samsung's Galaxy S20 FE surprise. Is it also by the Pixel 5? Let's preview the Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8 rivalry.

Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8 colors and display size

Google's phone will be available in only two colors at launch - Sage Green and Just Black - and you can preview how those look below, compared to the OnePlus 8's Glacial Green and Interstellar Glow. If you get the OnePlus 8 from Verizon, though, you are in for an Onyx Black and a special Polar Silver models.

The fact that Google went with recycled aluminum enclosure shouldn't be held against the Pixel 5, though, compared to the glossy and gradient Gorilla Glass of the OnePlus 8. The Pixel 5 would be a phone you don't have to constantly baby and worry about if it's not in a case, plus skipping the fragile glass allows for a much lighter body. 

Moreover, the simple capacitive fingerprint scanner on the back of the Pixel swaps contemporary vibes for speed and accuracy compared to the in-display finger reader at the front of the OnePlus 8.

With a 6.5" display and at 6.31 x 2.87 x 0.31 inches (160.2 x 72.9 x 8 mm), the OnePlus 8 is also much larger and unwieldy to handle in your palm than the 6" display and 5.70 x 2.77 x 0.33 inches (144.7 x 70.4 x 8.5 mm) Pixel 5 dimensions. Both 1080p OLED screens refresh at 90Hz which, albeit not on the level of the Galaxy S20 FE that sells for the same price tag, still warrants smoother scrolling and animations.

Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8 specs, charging and battery life

  • Snapdragon 765 vs Snapdragon 865 processor
  • 4000mAh vs 4300mAh battery
  • 18W vs 30W charging

For some reason, OnePlus manages to one-up Google in the specs department for the exactly same price. Both offer 8GB RAM, but the OnePlus ships with the current flagship Snapdragon 865 chipset of Qualcomm. 

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The Pixel 5's upper midrange Snapdragon 765 chipset, however, may be slower and less feature-rich than the 865 but it has the advantage of an integrated 5G modem, and is made on the same 7nm process, which would make it easier on the battery.

The 4000mAh pack is a welcome upgrade for the Pixel 5, and, in fact, the largest battery it has placed in a phone, so, given the 1080p display resolutions of both screens, its 6" panel should consumption should more than offset the slightly larger, 4300mAh battery of the OnePlus 8, so we expect pretty comparable battery life from both. The charging speeds, however, differ significantly, with the Pixel 5's 18W charger giving ground to the 30W brick of the OnePlus 8.

Google Pixel 5 vs OnePlus 8 cameras

  • 12MP main/16MP ultrawide/8MP selfie cameras

Unfortunately, we are pretty certain which phone will come out on top in the camera department. The photography set has been an Achilles heel of OnePlus phones, as they simply don't have Google's computational imaging prowess, both in terms of camera software, and Google Photos treasure trove for AI-training. 

Thus, with its lowly 12MP main camera, 16MP ultrawide shooter, and 8MP selfie camera, the Pixel 5 camera samples are gunning to surpass the same setup on the OnePlus 8 in more ways than one.

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