Google Photos simplifies "Locked Folder" access on mobile

Google Photos simplifies "Locked Folder" access on mobile
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Google Photos has made a significant change to how users access the Locked Folder on their Android and iOS devices. Previously, the Locked Folder was tucked away in the Utilities section, requiring several taps to access. Now, it's prominently displayed in the Library tab, right next to Favorites, Archive, and Trash.

This update aims to provide quicker and more convenient access to the Locked Folder, where users store private photos and videos. Google Photos on the web already had the Locked Folder in the navigation drawer, and this change brings the mobile apps in line with that design.

The previous location of the Locked Folder, deep within the Utilities section, made its existence less obvious, which could be seen as a benefit for privacy-conscious users. However, Google seems to prioritize ease of access with this update, aligning it with the web version's layout.

Old vs. New location of Google Photos' Locked Folder | Images credit — 9to5Google

With the Locked Folder now easily accessible, users can quickly store and retrieve their sensitive media without navigating through multiple menus. This change is particularly beneficial for those who frequently use the Locked Folder feature.

In addition to the Locked Folder relocation, Google Photos has also reorganized the Utilities section by moving many of its functions to the "plus" sheet in then app bar. This includes options like creating new albums and the shortcuts for sharing with a partner and importing photos from other places. This reorganization streamlines the app's interface, making it easier for users to find and use various features that were previously either difficult to find or too cumbersome to navigate to.

The update with the new Locked Folder location and Utilities reorganization is available on both Android (version 6.89) and iOS devices. Users can check their app version and update it if necessary to enjoy these changes.

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