Google's improved Weather UI starts to roll out on non-Pixel phones

Google's improved Weather UI starts to roll out on non-Pixel phones
Google’s Weather UI got a significant design change in October, providing Pixel phone users with an easier and simpler look at the weather. And now, the changed design is finally coming to devices beyond the almighty Pixel.

The redesigned look allows users to easily view three different weather options, getting today’s or tomorrow’s forecast or checking out a complete 10-day weather outlook. While these options were available with the former design, users had to swap tabs to get to the different options. Now, all they have to do is scroll down to indulge in an in-depth look at the weather, complete with humidity levels, wind speeds, pressure, and UV index.

Expectedly, the redesigned look of Google’s Weather UI first became available on the company's own devices. As 9to5Google points out, however, albeit very slowly, the new updated weather look is coming to other devices, with Samsung phones being among the first in line. Supposedly, the new design should roll out to other Android devices at some point. With a little luck, users could see the new UI on their Android phones by the end of the year!

Weather UI technically isn’t an app. It’s built into the Google Search app for Android phones. To access it, users need to type ‘weather’ in their search bar. The tool, which increasingly starts to resemble an app, continues to rely on Google Nowcast and other data sources for its weather forecasts.

Over the past months, Google has invested a lot into making weather more straightforward. Aside from changing the look of its Weather UI, the company introduced a powerful new forecasting model via a report published in Science last month. Called GraphCast, the model relies on AI (what a surprise) to create highly accurate 10-day weather predictions in less than a minute. This forecasting model is added to the company’s impressive set of weather prediction systems.

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