You and Google can cook up some funny mash-ups in the Emoji Kitchen

You and Google can cook up some funny mash-ups in the Emoji Kitchen
Google is cooking up some fresh emoji combinations in the Emoji Kitchen. These stickers are the result of fusing the emotions from one emoji with the characteristics of another emoji. The combination of emojis can be recommended by Google based on the mood of the texts you've been disseminating and the emoji you've been sending. Or, you can create a combination all by yourself. Google cooks up these emoji for laughs, but you can also put together a combination that you find hilarious.

Emojipedia (via 9to5Google) posted a tweet on Wednesday noting that Google has four new emojis to be used in Emoji Kitchen mash-ups. The latest four emojis being used in the Emoji Kitchen include Paw Prints, Cherries, Watermelon, and Rock. As of this month, over 400 emojis have some support inside the Emoji Kitchen and there are 20,000 possible combinations.

To use the Emoji Kitchen, follow these directions:

  • Open up a messaging app.
  • Tap on the text bar to allow Gboard to surface.
  • On the left of the space bar, tap on the emoji icon.
  • Select an emoji to be your "base" emoji.
  • Tap on the second emoji you want to add.
  • Pick one of the funny mash-up options right below the text bar.
Note that gesture, person, and flag emojis are not supported for use by the Emoji Kitchen. One guess as for the reason behind this restriction is that a fusion using emojis from those three categories could be disrespectful and/or insulting to certain people or a certain country.

Keep in mind that this feature is available only on Android phones. And if you are in the middle of texting a message to a friend and include, for sake of this example, the tongue sticking out of the mouth emoji, Google will automatically suggest some combinations. You can choose one of Google's selections or try to create one of your own that you might like better.

This is actually a fun way to come up with different emoji

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