Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 display shipments begin in less than 2 weeks

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 display shipments begin next week
Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 3 (and the Z Fold 3, for that matter) has been a head turner ever since its release in August last year. And, as it turns out, Samsung has even grander plans for its successor, the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

Although its release date is set either for late August or September, a Twitter leak published today (via XDA Developers) reveals that the display panels for the upcoming device are already entering production, and are all set to start shipping as soon as April.

"Samsung Display is expected to begin panel shipments for the Z Flip 4 next month," the Tweet states, "same timing as the Z Flip 3 last year. But panel shipments are expected to be much larger. Expecting 8.7M panels in 2022 for the Z Flip 4 vs. 5.1M for the Z Flip 3 in 2021."

The tipster is Ross Young (@DSCCRoss), boasting 25 years experience in the display industry, and offering fairly good credibility. Apart from the display shipment timeline, Young also shared Samsung's sky-high expectations when it comes to market demand for its latest flipping device.

While Samsung ordered only just over five million display panels in 2021, this year, the company has ordered a 70% increase on that number, hoping for much higher demand this time around. 

This information gives us high hopes for what hardware Samsung is working on to use in the Galaxy Z Flip 4 that is expected to spark such interest. And recently, these positive expectations were only reinforced by a number of leaks about the up-and-coming phone, which promise a number of upgrades that have been discovered so far.

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Among these upgrades is an integrated Galaxy Note-style slit meant to hold an S Pen, which will allegedly come included with the device, rather than as a costly accessory. The phone is also tipped to integrate durable Super UTG technology, or Ultra-Thin Glass—which is supposed to withstand a good few beatings before it shatters. 

However, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is coming without an under-display camera, bringing another hole-punch design to many people's disappointment—although on the upside, it just might be the first smartphone to use a double-sided under-display fingerprint sensor that will sit between the cover screen and the main screen.

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