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The secret is out: boutique shop shows off the Galaxy Z Flip in cool Joker / Harley edition

The secret is out: boutique shop shows off the Galaxy Z Flip in cool Joker / Harley edition
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has been leaked quite a bit recently — we are quite confident that we know what the device is going to be both on the inside and out. Still, we can’t say the cat’s fully out of the bag until a phone is officially announced, presented, and its specs sheet made public.

However, a 3rd party company that has inside knowledge can often spill the beans early. And it seems that’s the case with the Z Flip today.

Caviar is a company that creates luxury versions of hot smartphones by “dressing” them in exquisite platings and engravings. And today, it has added the Galaxy Z Flip to its portfolio. Shown on video and a rather large image gallery, we can pretty much be sure how the Galaxy Z Flip is going to look and operate.

Still, the website listing does not reveal anything about specs and features. After all, Caviar concerns itself with making popular phones look like expensive accessories, not with the nitty-gritty of what processor is on the inside and how much RAM the device has.

The promo material reaffirms the design of the phone, the dual cameras with a small ticker screen on the outside, the hinge operation, and the lack of a headphone jack.

Caviar’s versions of the phone will come in a cool Joker / Harley Quinn gold model ($5,200), one with carbon-shaped titanium plating ($5,690), and one with patterned gold plating ($6,000).

These are all available for pre-order now and the press release reaffirms that the Galaxy Z Flip will be announced at the February 11 event. However, it does not dare mention an official launch date. So, be aware that the Galaxy Z Flip might still launch all the way in April if previous rumors are to be believed.

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