Cheaper than cheap: Save 40% on an LTE-enabled Galaxy Watch 5 at Samsung

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Cheaper than cheap: Snag the Galaxy Watch 5 with LTE for less than $200 at
Would you look at that? just took things up a notch, savings-wise, releasing a smashingly good deal on its Galaxy Watch 5 with 4G. Currently, the official store sells the 40mm model at $132 off without any trade-ins and the larger-sized model at a $144 cheaper price in select colors. Talk about a good deal!

If you've been bargain-hunting for a while, you probably already know that the official Samsung store isn't typically giving off such astonishing price cuts on its products before trade-ins. That's to say, the current deal is quite rare. And in case you need another reason to get your hands on the LTE-enabled Galaxy wearable right away, note that neither Amazon, Best Buy nor Walmart offers better savings options at the time of writing.

40mm Galaxy Watch 5: $132 off without trade-ins

If you're looking for an LTE-enabled 40mm smartwatch for less than $200 bearing the Galaxy logo, you should absolutely go for's deal on the Watch 5. The wearable currently retails at $132 without any trade-ins, but you can spare an old device in good condition to unlock an extra up to $125 off.
$197 99
$329 99
Buy at Samsung

Save $144 on the 44mm Galaxy Watch 5 with LTE

The larger-sized Galaxy Watch 5 with LTE is also seeing rather generous price cuts at the official store. Presently, shoppers can snag this fantastic timepiece at $144 off in select colors (Silver, Sapphire) before trade-ins. Still, if you want to maximize your savings, you can spare an old device in good condition to unlock up to $185 trade-in discount.
$215 99
$359 99
Buy at Samsung

Since this isn't the latest Samsung timepiece, the Watch 5 probably won't be suitable for fans of just-released tech. However, individuals on a budget will find it a more than acceptable choice, for it looks and performs very similarly to its successor, the Galaxy Watch 6.

You get all the standard features here, including heart rate monitoring, sleep and workout tracking, blood oxygen measurements, plus ECG function. We should note that the ECG function only works with a compatible Galaxy smartphone. Samsung also integrated fall detection for improved user safety.

All of the features mentioned above are also present on the newer but decidedly more expensive Galaxy Watch 6. As for battery life, the 4G-enabled Watch 5 offers a battery life of about a day, day and a half with less use. If you want to limit your rendezvous with the charger, we recommend extending your budget a bit and going Pro.

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Ultimately, while there's no denying that this isn't the latest Galaxy wearable, the Galaxy Watch 5 has plenty of juice left. So, if you're on a limited budget but still want a great Android smartwatch with a premium design, safely pick this bad boy through Samsung's generous offer.

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