The larger-sized Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is selling for peanuts once more at Walmart

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The larger-sized Galaxy Watch 4 Classic sizes is selling for peanuts once more at Walmart
Are you a tech enthusiast on your hunt for a new Galaxy smartwatch, but you have just $150 in your pocket? Well, it seems Lady Luck is on your side! Once again, Walmart’s deal on the old but gold Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is back, meaning that $150 is enough to get you the one with Bluetooth connectivity!

This promo has been available on multiple occasions at the merchant, and it’s currently only available on the Bluetooth models in Black. Despite its somewhat advanced age, the Samsung smartwatch still packs a punch with its awesome features and iconic design featuring a physical rotating bezel. Plus, the 46mm version is again selling at some of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen, so you might really want to check out Walmart’s offer while it’s still live.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (46mm): now just $144.99!

Would you look at that? The larger-sized Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is also available at lower prices at Walmart. The Bluetooth version can now be yours at $34 off its price tag, landing the wearable just under the $150 mark. The old but gold Galaxy smartwatch is a steal at such low prices, especially considering its plethora of awesome features.
$144 99
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Granted, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is no spring chicken. Samsung released it in 2021, also introducing its successor, the Watch 6 Classic, last year. Even so, the wearable provides plenty of value for money with its premium timeless design, featuring a sturdy stainless steel case and beautiful AMOLED screen.

You get all the standard functionalities here, including sleep and workout tracking, heart rate monitoring, stress measurements, and a BIA sensor, and it also has an ECG app. Without a doubt, you won’t get as many in-depth details about your overall well-being as you would from its successor, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, but this timepiece is still plenty good for those who don’t really need all the extra bells and whistles.

If there’s anything not quite perfect about this aging but still impressive wearable, it’s undoubtedly the battery life. With just about a day of use between charges, the Watch 4 Classic delivers somewhat lackluster performance on the battery front.

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Ultimately, whether you should get the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is entirely up to you. However, we can’t help but fall for the immense value for money it provides through Walmart’s generous deal. Speaking of which, we suggest taking advantage right away if the old but gold wearable tickles your fancy at that price, as the promo may finish before we know it.

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