Future iPhone 13 update will add option to disable automatic macro mode

Future iPhone 13 update will add option to disable automatic macro mode
The iPhone 13 includes a new Macro Photography feature that makes use of the ultra-wide camera and activates automatically. But with a future software update, users will be able to turn it off.

You'll soon be able to stop the iPhone 13 Pro switching to macro mode

While the new macro camera mode is a welcome addition on the iPhone 13 cameras, the issue is that it’s not optional. Users can’t currently take close-up shots of something without entering macro mode.

However, that will change with a future version of iOS 15 set to be released in the coming months. Maybe it’ll be rolled out alongside ProRes video support, which is also set to arrive later this year.

Apple told YouTuber Marques ‘MKBHD’ Brownlee that “A new setting will be added in a software update this fall to turn off automatic camera switching when shooting at close distances for macro photography and video.”

For the time being, owners of the iPhone 13 Pro will have to get used to shooting objects in macro mode or from further away. This does only apply to photos, though, so there’s at least that.

Video fanatics can open the Settings app, head to the Camera section, and enable ‘Lock Camera’ to halt all automatic camera switching while recording video. Presumably, that’s where the eventual photos option will be located.

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