After Apple, Google kicks out the Fortnite app, too, and gets sued by Epic

After Apple, Google kicks out the Fortnite app, too, and gets sued by Epic

After Apple took out its App Store commission wrath on Fortnite by kicking it out of its walled garden, now Google has done the same, and you can't find Epic Games' smash hit with a candle on the Play Store.

The reasoning? Well, Epic's troubled relationship with the percentage cut that the app store oligopoly takes from each in-app purchase. Given Epic's Fortnite scale, this situation may set one unpleasant precedent for Google and Apple, as Epic Games is now suing both for kicking it out.

The argumentation of the Silicon Valley juggernauts is that Epic's introduction of its own billing system within the app store entries violates their terms of service. According to Google's statement on the matter:

The Fortnite saga is an ongoing one, as Epic first launched the popular game app on its own website for sideloading, then agreed to be folded into the Play and App Stores, just to try and bend the system from within, with the resulting punishment from Google and Apple yesterday.

It will be pretty interesting to follow what Epic's arguments are in court, precisely on account of the fact that they may set a precedent for other freemium apps to follow, much to the chagrin of the app store holders. 

Given the mounting negative federal attitude against the cut that Google and Apple take from apps, and their monopoly over their ecosystems, including search and news, Epic may very well be looked at favorably in court.

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