Apple signs deal with LG Innotek for Face ID components

Apple signs deal with LG Innotek for Face ID components

Apple is expected to include Face ID on all three of its 2018 iPhone modelsand on the 2018 variants of the Apple iPad Pro. According to a report out of Korea, to help Apple build these features into the next generation of its smartphone and high-end tablets, the company has signed a pact with LG Innotek to provide it with some of the components needed for Face ID. More specifically, we're talking about the 3D sensing modules that help map out a 3D image of a face.

Now that Apple has a year of producing the TrueDepth Camera under its belt, things should go smoother this year. The company has arranged for a steady stream of parts, as deals with LG Innotek and Finisar have been struck. Yields should be higher, and we probably won't be passing along as many rumors about delays for the 2018 iPhone models. At one point last year, there was speculation that out of every 100 iPhone X models coming off the assembly line, only 10 were working. That supposedly took place very early in the production process. Eventually, Apple was able to build enough iPhone X handsets to handle the orders that were coming in following the phone's launch on November 3rd, 2017.

The three 2018 iPhone models are expected to include a version that features a 5.8-inch edge-to-edge LCD screen. It will come with just one camera on back, no Force Touch, and could be priced in the range of $650 to $900. That would the Apple iPhone 9.  The Apple iPhone Xs will have a 5.8-inch OLED display, and the Apple iPhone Xs Plus will carry a huge 6.5-inch screen, and feature dual SIM capabilities.

All three 2018 handsets will come with the TrueDepth Camera in the front only. A rear mounted TrueDepth Camera most likely won't be seen until the 2019 iPhone units are unveiled.

source: BGR

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